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Footprints • 2017 rpg

Ashton McAllan •

There is an other place.

It is called

You get there by

Print this on paper, fill in the blanks above, then redact this sentence.
Play one game of Footprints then give this document to other people to play.

Players create a character with a name, a belief, and stats: Quick, Strong, Hale, Smart, Odd, True. Give each stat a value between -1 and 3. Stats must total less than ten.

Together, tell a story where the characters enter the other place and what happens there. Players describe their characters’ actions, the GM describes all else. Rulings will sometimes be triggered which say what happens next. They start with a bang(!)

When playing the GM adds additional rulings and/or fictional elements to this document. They add between one and five. Add pages as needed.

!When a character is hurt, reduce their Hale by one.

!When a character’s Hale is less than one, they die.

!When a character attempts something non-trivial, roll 2d6 and add whichever stat the GM says applies. If the result is more than seven they succeed. If less than ten the success is partial or comes at a cost. Otherwise the GM says what happens.

Author Comments

I’ve heard about USB’s with minecraft worlds on them where you have to pass it on to someone else when you die. I’ve heard about Risk Legacy which is a game that changes and evolves each time it is played. Between these two I wanted to try writing rules that specifically create an RPG experience that grows and changes each time it’s played where each instance of the game gets passed around like an old wives tale, becoming richer and stranger as it grows. I like the idea of putting these rules on the first page of a leatherbound journal and just leaving it somewhere.

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