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My Imaginary Friend • 2017 rpg

Doug Ruff • no link

A game for three.

The Child wants to have fun, rebel, be noticed by adults. They describe their Friend and give them a name.

The Friend wants to be loved always by the Child, for only the Child truly sees them. Everyone else sees the Friend as an inanimate object, or doesn’t see them at all.

The World plays “everyone else”. They want to nurture the child, discipline them, and see them grow into a splendid adult.

Each player creates scenes as they come up with good ideas – take turns, share authority.

During each scene, the Child describes their actions and the World responds. The Friend also describes their actions, but only the Child may respond.

To resolve a challenge: the Child says what they want to happen. The others may agree or offer another outcome.

If all three players agree, that’s what happens. Otherwise, each rolls a die, highest roll gets to say what happens. On a tie, something else unexpected happens - the first person to call dibs gets to say what – but must do so immediately. Don’t call dibs and then dither!

Play until the Child outgrows their Friend, or until bedtime.

Author Comments

With thanks to Bill Watterson, a certain young boy, and his stuffed tiger.

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