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Night clubbing • 2017 rpg

Robert Carnel • http://www.theerapture.com/

We are old friends reuniting or bored youth looking for more.
We are on a night out in a metropolitan city of delights or an asphalt mile of dive bars.
Each character toasts the night ahead and their companions, they take a drink token.
Narrate your night together, take turns, go slowly.
When you want to do something that might matter; roll a d6 and score higher than your drink tokens.
If you succeed, narrate your success, otherwise take a drink token, choose an option and change your location:
* Tell everyone a secret about yourself
* Tell someone what you really think about them
* Buy everyone a round, everyone gets a drink token, salut!
* Bring the group into jeopardy by antagonising someone dangerous or going somewhere you shouldn't
* Provoke the authorities and flee the consequences with your companions
* Shame yourself
When you have six drink tokens; pass out. Once each scene you may narrate a strange vision for the others which may or may not be real.
When there are only two characters left decide whether they are going to go home together.
If not then narrate an omen of your collective alcoholic oblivion, otherwise describe the dawn arriving.

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