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Last Cigarette • 2017 rpg

ivan nevill • no link

For 2 players, at least one of whom must be a smoker.

One player plays the Condemned, who is given the chance to have one last cigarette before being executed. The other is the Executioner.
The game begins with the lighting of the cigarette(s). It ends when the cigarette is finished, establishing that the characters will never talk again.

Pre-game considerations:
-	What is the period of this scene?
-	Why is the Condemned being executed?
-	What is the previous relationship between these two characters, if any?

Post-game considerations:
-          Did the relationship between these characters change during the scene?
-          Which character held the true power by the scene’s end?
-          What did the characters share?
-          What happens next?

You can choose to exchange the cigarette for another consumable device and/or the characters for other archetypes. Examples:
-	The characters are an Informant and a Handler meeting one last time.
-	Exchange the cigarette for a drink (coffee, beer, milkshake) or a meal
-	The characters are lovers ending the relationship with one last dance (the scene lasts for a song’s length)
-	The characters are Wounded and Another, where the Wounded will die at scene’s end.

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