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Lacrimae Rerum • 2017 rpg

Nolan Lindberg • no link

State a goal you have in this world. Your GM says why you can't achieve that goal immediately. Determine ties, things you like about this world. Could be physical things, concepts or phenomena. 

Try and achieve your goal. Whenever you reach an obstacle, roll a d20 to see if you do it. If you roll greater than your previous roll (above 1 if you haven’t yet rolled) then you overcome the obstacle. If you fail, the obstacle is insurmountable to you, find a different way. 

When your success difficulty reaches 20, or you fail 3 consecutive times, a tie is ‘spent’ and success difficulty is reset. You no longer enjoy that thing like you used to, you’re too exhausted, you just wanna get it done, you just wanna move on. 
If you have no ties left to ‘spend’ you develop a vice and difficulty is set back to 10. This could be anything from an addiction to a bad habit.

When you achieve your goal, you don’t win, you simply did what you were supposed to. The DM gives you two goals now, and you state why you don’t want to do them and playing continues.

Or just stop playing.

Author Comments

I tried to capture what it feels like to struggle in a world where, despite your best efforts, you will always fall short of what you hope to achieve. And I believe that world is this one.

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