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Heart Light • 2017 rpg

Eric Farmer • @ericmfarmer

A melancholy game for 2 players.

The Kid befriends a strange being: an alien, a faerie, a ghost. The Adult has been on the hunt for just such a being.

One player is the Kid, the other, the Adult. Starting with the Kid, alternate answering the questions. Ask each other to elaborate.

How are you different from other kids your age? | When you were that age, what did you long for?
How did you and your Friend find each other? | What caused you to miss the Friend’s arrival?
How was life hard before your Friend arrived? | What’s missing from your life now?
How did you become Friends? | What doesn’t the Kid know that means the Friendship won’t last?
What does your Friend truly want? | What obstacles do you place in the way?

In short sentences, alternate describing the Crisis that draws the Kid, the Friend, and the Adult together, but endangers all 3.

How do you and the Adult bond over the Friend? | How do you and the Kid bond over the Friend?
How does it leave? | What do you regret about its departure?
What does it leave behind? | What does it leave behind?

Author Comments

I just watched E.T., the Extra-Terrestrial for the first time in at least 20 years. Besides the fact that it still makes me cry, I was struck by the adults in the story. I’d never noticed them before, and now there they were: complex and good with motivations that make sense. Motivations that make sense to adults, that is. To the kids, they were villains or obstacles until they were all brought together the miracle that was E.T.

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