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Queen_killer • 2017 rpg

Clarity Cadence • https://twitter.com/StrangeRelics

The queen is dead. One of us killed her.
Her crown is unclaimed. One of us is worthy.

The object is to make a mess: fight our friends, fall in love with our enemies.

We each also have a secret object. Choose:
- become ruler
- survive
- earn ___’s love
- avenge ___
- support ___
- see ___ slain
Change this anytime.

Name yourself.

Say what you find attractive about the character to your left.

Say what you despise about the character to THEIR left.

Deal a face-down card for each player, all clubs except one spade – the queen-killer. Look at yours now; never again.

Deal another, all diamonds except one heart – the crown-worthy. Never look.

You can: 
- Say or act out what you do (not what happens)
- Ask a player a question
- Answer a question with anything (except another’s actions or beliefs)

If you share a kiss, look at each other’s cards.

If you attempt murder, they choose: 
- give you what you want
- toss a coin; the loser dies

If you touch the crown, reveal your red card. The unworthy die.

Light a candle. The game ends when the living recognize a ruler, or the flame dies and us with it.

Author Comments

A sort of combination of Werewolf and D. Vincent Baker’s recent parlor game designs (such as MF0: Firebrands).

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