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Hotfix • 2017 rpg

Wes Bruce • twitter.com/sotomiru

You're a team of mechanics, trying to nurse a dying vessel to safety. Work together, and work fast.

Each player maintains a system. Write its name, say why it's important, address each other by system. Systems start at stage 3, which is stable. 5 is optimal, 1 is critical. Track stages on fingers, where everyone can see. 
Oldest player goes first. On your turn, you may Repair, Maintain, or Operate. Roll six-sided die. Call on the next player, clockwise.

Narrate your actions, repairs or errors. If you helped others, say how. If you screwed over a teammate, they describe how.

Operate: on 4+, everyone gets +1 to rolls until your next turn.

Maintain: on 3+, gain one stage, you’re treading water.

Repair: on 5-6, gain two stages. On 2-4, you may gain a stage, and choose a teammate who loses one. On 1, lose a stage. At stage 0, you may only Repair.

At the end of a round, every system degrades one stage. If a system hits stage 0, EVERY other system is damaged one stage. If only one system's left, your crew is lost. If you survive six rounds, you reach safety.

Author Comments

This is my first published tabletop game, and the first one I’ve developed far enough to playtest! The seed of this was a move for electrical repair on an active system that I’d made for a Dungeon World campaign. The move only succeeded without complication on a 12+, and it put me in mind for a game where the most common outcome was that things stayed the same or got worse.

Big thanks to my family for testing this with me, and also to longtime RPG companion Jillian Maywhether for the feedback and proofing!

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