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SwordBearer's Dirge • 2017 rpg

Rui Anselmo •

On the coldest winter night your clan was destroyed. You and a few others fled, swearing revenge; you want to take your clan’s heirloom, the sword Ennustama, to your allies’ in the South.

Build Pools by distributing 5 points between Brutality and Deception.

Pick one Role: Assassin, Guard, Noble, Spy-Master, Torturer. In conflict you get 1 point if your Role comes into play.

Pick one Aspect: Arrogant, Bloodlust, Callous, Sadistic, Selfish. Roleplay your Aspect to replenish a Pool.

Choose who is SwordBearer, and start the story. In order, play the escape, the village, the tundra, the haunted forest, the arrival.

1 - Player narrates what happens; others add details. 
2 - Any player can interrupt to start a conflict. 
3 - Interrupted player spends from a Pool and narrates the conflict, or cedes narration to the interrupting player, who then continues. Proceed to 1.

Conflict against revolted peasants, enemy soldiers, cold spirits, snow leopards, avenging ghosts, weather, hunger or lost.

If SwordBearer, Ennustama praises and awards 1 point in conflicts. If not, Ennustama taunts, promising 1 point if you attack SwordBearer. At any time, make an attack on SwordBearer. Both spend how many points they wish, winner becomes SwordBearer and narrates, loser dies.

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