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Dust Trails • 2017 rpg

Anastasia Faraci • no link

You and your pack roam the Wasteland on scrap-made vehicles, hunting other junk-pirates like you. 

Describe your badass vehicle and its role in the team
Choose its SPECS assigning 9 points between SPEED, WEAPONS and ARMOR. Min is 0, Max is 5.
Name your pilot.


The GM narrates what is happening in the Wasteland: every time one of your SPECS is important to narration (i.e. maneuvering, shooting, avoiding damage), roll 1d6. 

If the result is equal or minor of your value, you succeed. If it’s higher, reduce the SPEC by one. 

If a SPEC ever goes below 0, you die in the Wasteland.  
Create a new character, it will join play as soon as the others hit TOWN.

You will find SCRAP by destroying enemy vehicles, the Gm will tell you how many KGs. 
Divide it equally among the team.

When you and your pack hit TOWN, you can use your SCRAP to upgrade you vehicle, 10kgs for 1 point of SPEED, WEAPONS or ARMOR.
If you reach 5 in all three SPECS, you have become a Wasteland Legend: give your character to the GM, it will become an important NPC in the story. Create a new character.

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