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Divine Circles: Kingdom in Decline • 2017 rpg

Michael Parker •

The Angels’ Patrons have lost Faith, so sayeth the Lord; In the beginning, there were two (or more). One was God. The Rest; Angels.

Angels speaketh their Domain: “I am the Angel of...”; Method: “I rule my Domain using...”; and Patron: “ my most trusted Patron.” Assign one die to each: D4+2, D8, D12-2.

God influences Patrons, who influences Methods, which influences Domains, which influences God.

Angels roll their Patron die, then Method die. Subtract Patron from Method to determine Faith. If Faith is negative, God decrees the Patrons hinder the Domain; if positive they help the Angel.

Angels roll Domain, then narrate using Method to restore Glory to their Domain. Angels must either; Accept Faith for their roll, or Divert Faith to God or another Angel. If Faith results in the Domain roll becoming negative the Angel experiences a divine complication. An Angel receiving Diverted Faith must Accept it. Add final results to Glory.

Faith Diverted to God is summed and used to influence Patron rolls; negative Faith increases Patron rolls. Play continues starting with the Angel with the highest Glory.

If any Angel’s Glory goes negative, their Domain plunges into chaos and they fall from grace.

Author Comments

Who’s to say there aren’t politics in the heavens? Not even the Righteous are above such infighting. Thanks to all the creators in the /r/RPGDesign community for continued feedback and support!

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