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A Small World • 2017 rpg

Cecilia Kjellman • no link

You will need a GM, some additional players, 2D6, pen and paper.

You live in a big jar, a gargantuan closed jar terrarium. Nothing comes in, nothing goes out. Recently plants and smaller animals started getting sick and dying, you don’t know why. 

Describe your jar:
Many or few villages?
Wet or dry?
Hot or cold?
How long to travel to the center or to the edge?
What can be seen of the outside?

All characters choose an ability, can be used once a day:
* Heal the sick
* Tell the future using signs from the outside
* Make someone temporary change opinion
* Perform an act of great strength
* Make someone confide in you
* Mend something broken

Describe your characters:
What makes you special? 
Who depends on you? 
What have you lost so far?

When trying to perform at non-trivial but possible task, roll 2D6
1-6: Failure (lose 1 life force)
7-9: Success with complications
10-12: Success.

Your world, the jar, starts with 24 out of 50 life force. 
Every night 1 life force is lost. 
When major destruction and death happens, 1 life force is lost.
Every time a major restoration and healing happens, 1 life force is restored.

Author Comments

200 word rpg challenge, a Ludum Dare themed “A Small World” and earth day all on the same day(s)? The opportunity was a little too good to not make a submission!

Feel free to write me a line if you tried it out. Updates (if any) will be posted at: http://ceciliakjellman.se/geekyart/page/a-small-world

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