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Go Home, Young Superhero • 2017 rpg

J.A. Dettman • no link

2-3 players

One person plays a young superhero dealing supervillainy but also regular life. Give that player a deck of shuffled cards.

Other players GM our superhero’s dual life. Give them 2 black d6 (superhero adventures) and 2 red d6 (regular life).

Together, figure out who your young superhero is: name, alias, powers, friends, family, school, work, supervillains. Decide which supervillains are running amok and what trouble your hero is dealing with in regular life.

Hero starts with 6 cards. Other players start with one die at 3 (Tension), one at 6 (Countdown).

Each turn: 
Hero decides whether to deal with supervillainy or regular life troubles; draw card.

Increase Tension for situation not chosen. Reduce Countdown for chosen situation.

Responsible player GMs a scene about chosen situation. When outcome uncertainty arises, the hero plays cards to match or beat the current Countdown+Tension for success. Roleplay challenge result.

Cards that don’t match situation color are half value. Roleplay how hero uses real life skills to deal with supervillainy or superpowers real life.

Success= reduce that situation’s Tension.
Failure= Tension doesn’t change; draw 1 card.

A situation resolves if Tension is reduced to zero.

Game ends when a Countdown hits zero.

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