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Down the rabbit hole • 2017 rpg

Elizabeth Lovegrove •

A game for two players, who take turns playing the PC and the Narrator.

Shared PC creation: Age? Gender? Role? Hobby? Strength? Weakness? Some main friends/family/coworkers? 

Toss a coin to decide who goes first as Narrator.

Begin like Alice, following the rabbit down the rabbit hole into Wonderland, where the usual rules don’t apply. In Wonderland, the Narrator describes nonsense scenarios, which should include twisted elements of the PC’s real life, while the PC reacts/interacts. After five minutes, cut the scene, swap roles.

As Narrator, you don’t need to directly follow the previous scene, but build on what has gone before; remember to ramp up the tension and weirdness. (Remember the Red Queen: ‘Off with her head!’)

In the seventh scene everything builds up to a crisis, then just as it’s all about to go badly wrong, the PC wakes up in the real world. Swap roles one last time: Narrator describes a vestige of Wonderland which appears in the real world. End.

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