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In Need • 2017 rpg

Etienne T.Harvey •

In order to play you’ll need two players and one six sided dice. One player is the loaner, the other is the client. 

What does the shop look like? 
Why do you need money? 
What is the item you’re bringing? 

Roll 1d6 on the Value Table. Your item is worth this much according to you.

Value Table
1 - Worthless
2 - Cheap
3 - Common 
4 - Expensive
5 - Rare
6 - Inestimable 

Tell the story of how you acquired it. Where does it come from? What do you think it is? Why do you think it is worth that much?

Roll 1d6 on the Value Table. This is the real worth of the item.

You know the real story, origin and/or purpose of this item. What is it?
If the value is higher or lower than what the client rolled, explain why? 

Decide what you do with the item.
Sell = Acquire as much as the value rolled by the loaner
Pawn = Get half of the value rolled by the loaner rounded down. 
Quit = Go back home with your item. 

How does your decision change the situation that brought you here? 

Both Players:
Switch places or end the game.

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