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Superstition A PBTA Add-on • 2017 rpg

Maxime Lacoste • no link

Mundane gestures can bring good fortune or bad luck.  The GM may ask: “What behavior do you witness here that is an act based on superstition?”

Characters have a new stat.: BELIEF
The GM will ask: “Do you believe in superstitions and why is that so?”
Players assign a modifier to their Belief stat: -1, 0, or +1 (Unbelieving, Uncertain, or Superstitious.)

Tempting Fate
When you are involved in a known popular superstition, roll+BEL
*On a 12+, same as a 10+ result and you may raise or lower your Belief by one. (-3/+3 max)
*On a 10+, gain two Good Fortune or Bad Luck holds.
*On a 7-9, gain one Good Fortune or Bad Luck hold.
*On a miss, you may raise or lower your Belief by one.

Spend a Good Fortune holds to gain Advantage on your next roll.
The GM may spends one of your Bad Luck hold to impose Disadvantage on your next roll.
He may ask at any time how many Bad Luck holds you currently have.
Good and Bad holds may cancel one another out.

Advantage: roll 3 dices, keep the two best results.
Disadvantage: roll 3 dices, keep the two worst results.

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