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The Ark • 2017 rpg

Asmon Lacroix • no link

The Ark is old and adrift in a sea of stars. The would-be settlers have long forgotten the destination; now only know as the Promised Land. The Ark is feeble, life support systems are barely hanging on. The Ark is famished, clean water is life and food is used as currency. The Ark is broken, massive areas are now cold wastelands, toxic sludge seas or exposed to vacuum. The Ark is a maze, equipped with pipes and plastic shields, many adventurers have been lost searching for the Promised Land in the lower levels. The Ark is dangerous, the lower one goes the more dangerous and cold it gets. Malfunctioning maintenance robots, automated garbage furnaces, toxic sewage rivers, feral animals, sudden exposure to vacuum and sludge men, are some of the many dangers in the Ark. The Ark is populous, there are many communities scattered throughout. Some are able to trade with each other but most were isolated during the “accident”, they now have their own language and culture. The Ark is rich, some communities mine the ice shield that surrounds the Ark. But doing so let’s cosmic radiation in and can cause horrible mutations. The Ark is Home.

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