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A.C.E: A Deadly Game of Espionage • 2017 rpg

Dan Enders •

You are an agent of ACE (Assassination, Counterintelligence, & Espionage) on a mission that could define the fate of the world. You have been chasing your target for too long, and you are in too deep, but it all ends tonight.

Choose a role: the Agent or the Mastermind. The Agent describes the mission (what are they stopping the Mastermind from doing), and the Mastermind describes the method (how they will accomplish their plan). When the scene is set, shuffle a deck of cards, deal 5 cards to each player and set the deck face down in the center of the table. 

Flip the top card of the deck face up: if the card is red, high card wins, if black, low card wins. Matching color wins ties. 

Each player selects a card in their hand, or may ‘improvise’ and take the top card of the deck (remaining face down).

When ready, players reveal their cards. The winner of the round describes how they have succeeded in outwitting their opponent (an improvised move should be reflected in the scene), and a new round begins. 

When a player has won 3 rounds, play a final scene describing their victory.

Author Comments

Players: 2, Components: A standard deck of playing cards

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