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Heliophage • 2017 rpg

Dave Michalak • no link

One night you have a dream in which you eat the Sun.
When you wake up, you discover you are now the most powerful being on Earth.
You are yourself. 
You can fly.
You can lift impossible weights.
You can move at supersonic speeds.
You are invulnerable.

What will you do? 

Set a goal.

2 - 5 players.
1 player is the Heliophage, everyone else is the World.
1dF per World player.

Heliophage says what they do. 
Nothing can stop them or harm them.

The World presents complications.
This is not a comic book world, this is the real world.
Real physics. 
Real politics. 
Real people. 

Real consequences.

Heliophage rolls the dice, assigns one to each complication.
“+” means positive outcome. Heliophage narrates.
“-” means negative outcome. World narrates.
“  “ means delayed outcome. World narrates. Next roll includes the delayed complication as well. No additional dice. Complications with no dice assigned have negative outcomes.

No other metahumans. 
No aliens.
No mad science.
No magic.

Just you, with the power to do what thou wilt, and a world powerless to stop you.

Play until the Heliophage attains their goal or gives up on it.

Heliophage narrates their epilogue.
The World narrates the aftermath.

The end.

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