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The Stars Are Angry • 2017 rpg

EricVulgaris •

We are the stars and we are angry.
The people of earth once revered us.
Now they worship their own lights.
They do not need us.
For this, they will pay.

Players: 1-4
Materials: D6, Map of the World

Each player goes three times.
On your turn: Make the people of earth pay by making a star fall. 

Toss a die to try making it land on the map:

If it lands off the map, roll again.  If intentionally missed describe: the people are stubborn. The people entrench their worship of their artificial lights.

If it lands in water: describe how the people of earth once loved and worshiped the stars.

If it lands on ground: draw a circle around the die on the map. Check the result and describe:
1-3:  The artificial lights do not return. The people are destroyed and have paid.  
4-5:  The artificial lights return slowly. The people haven’t learned their lesson.
6:     The artificial lights destroy the star. The people haven’t learned their lesson.
At the end of the game, the people of earth send us a star of their own. What do they say to us?

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