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Kazooki Theatre • 2017 rpg

Doug Ruff • no link

You’ll want at least five players, each with their own kazoo. Use of other musical instruments is at your own risk. Set yourselves in a circle.

Agree the starting situation and elect a starting player.

The starting player says one word to begin the story, the next player says the next word, and so on. Keep going round one word at a time.

If a player is stuck for a word, or if they want play to go faster, they can pick up their kazoo. From now on they no longer speak but can play their kazoo at any time in order to support the unfolding story (please try not to drown out the other players.) 

Each time a kazoo is picked up, the remaining players should aim to advance the plot and/or escalate the situation until only two players remain. The final pair should bring the story to a conclusion with the rest of the players providing dramatic musical support!

The two remaining speakers should then bring play to a close by speaking in turn the words “the end”. Then everyone should play a final musical flourish with their kazoos.

Author Comments

Inspired by the correspondence game from the fantastic radio game show “I’m Sorry, I Haven’t a Clue.”

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