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The Truth of the Stars • 2017 rpg

Corinne C. • no link

Players: 3-5 overworked royal astronomers

Needs: Large sheet(s) of paper; pens/pencils; 50-60 dice (assorted); a timer; Her Majesty’s mantle. 

Her Celestial Majesty’s coronation is only a few nights away. Before then, unquestionable evidence of her right to rule must be scientifically documented.

One player dons the mantle of Her Majesty, and sets the timer, capriciously.

Each astronomer:

--Grabs a handful of stars (dice), casting them onto the paper.
--Observes the Truth of the Stars. This must:
  *Form a constellation, which the astronomer draws. 
  *Adhere to the Sacred Laws of Mathematics. The astronomer must explain how, based off stellar properties, e.g. color/size/magnitude (as represented by the color/size/number on the dice). Ex: ‘these stars share the same color’ ‘the stellar magnitudes are (multiples of three/prime numbers/even/etc.)’
  *Illustrate a myth supporting her Majesty’s rulership.

When the timer expires, astronomers present their findings for judgement. (Her Majesty chooses the order.)

Her Majesty declares which Truth is most correct. That Truth serves as the starting point of the next night’s myth (building a single tale.)

REPEAT, passing the mantle of Her Majesty to the left, until all players have assumed it.

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