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Magical Elemental Girls Excel! • 2017 rpg

Jaye Foster •

The characters are magical girls, whose powers are based on chemical elements.
In their late teens, they form the state sponsored team for their home city.
Their college is next door to their HQ.
When not on duty or at college, public relations activities occur.

Character Generation
Write down three things about the character’s backstory.
Select their element and a signature item that relates to the element.
Choose the highlight colour of their uniform.
For each category below spread seven dots.
The signature item has one dot.

Body, Mind and Soul

Four things the character is good at.  These are not powers.

Elemental Powers
Three magical powers granted by the element.

To act, combine one Attribute with one Skill and/or one Elemental Power. Add the Signature Item if it’s relevant. Dots become d6s rolled. 6s are successes. More successes add benefits. 1s add complications.
If the signature item rolls a 6, keep the success and roll again.

If the target of an action has more successes than the actor, then these count as 1s when determining the result. During danger, dots equal to the degree of success are lost as damage. The signature item is impervious.

Author Comments

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