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Vain Superheroes • 2017 rpg

Mark S. Aquilino • no link

The superheroes have been defeated. The world now turns to unlikely saviors: celebrities. One player is The Nemesis (GM), who narrates their evil plan; the others choose their celebrity identities.

Government scientists have invented Super Serum, turning the chosen celebrities into a team of fame-seeking superheroes! While superheroes must work together to beat The Nemesis’s dastardly plot, only the superhero with the most Fame truly wins.

The players’ powers are only just starting to take shape. Going clockwise, give the next celebrity their super-identity and first superpower – make it hard for them to become famous! Every player starts with two vials of Super Serum; one extra goes to the player who gives the best identity. Throughout the game, vials of Serum can be injected in an ally to give them your choice of superpower.

Superheroes can overcome Challenges with their superpowers, rolling 3d6 against a Challenge Number (4-18) set by The Nemesis; this is set depending on how applicable the superpower used. On success, the player gains Fame equal to the Challenge Number. Otherwise, they are injured. Three injuries spells defeat; lose all Fame but keep playing!

Author Comments

Inspired by the “Whose Line is it Anyway: Superheroes” skits

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