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Pasteur: The action RPG • 2017 rpg

Eric Pelletier • no link

Action RPG

You take the role of a 19th century Napoleon style imperial guard shrunk to the size of a blood cell injected inside a living organism to fight against bacteria, virus, germs, and other diseases. The host’s blood vessels provide an endless maze of tunnels where an epic battle will lead your regiment to glory. 

      Imperial Guard, HP: 10
      Stats:  Attack: 1   Defense: 2   Strategy: 1

Players take turn in sitting order, performing one of these actions:
      Gunshot: 1D6 + Attack – target’s Defense = damage
      Bayonets: 2D6 + Attack – target’s Defense = damage
                            Can’t be used on flying monsters
      Assist: Add Strategy stat value to target ally’s next roll
      Camp: Heal up to Strategy stat value

Then the Disease Master plays all monsters’ turn in any order. This goes on until one side is defeated. If victorious, all players choose one stats they increase by 1 and get 5 HP.

Monsters example:
    Flu, HP: 8   Defense: 4
	Trample: 1D6 – target’s Defense = damage

    Rabies, HP: 10   Defense: 2   Flying
         Bite: 2D6 – target’s Defense = damage

    Pox, HP: 14   Defense: 3 
         Infect: 1D6 – target’s Defense = damage
         Multiply: Pox lose half HP and creates a new Pox

Author Comments

This idea has been inspired by a childhood book about the discovery of penicillin called ‘The Value of Believing in Yourself: The Story of Louis Pasteur’. In this book they reffer to the active element of the antibiotic as ‘Little Soldiers’ that would fight against your illness after being injected inside your body. I thought it would make a great setup for a game where old imperial style soldier are fighting against huge alien flying blobs.

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