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Our Last Summer • 2017 rpg

Michael Lippert • https://twitter.com/Friislippert

You play adolescents sneaking off on adventure.
Materials: 1 small bag of M&Ms.
Players pick a nickname and three things their character is good at.

Each player describes their preparations and the home they are leaving.
Then everyone plays out the trip and the GM introduces obstacles. 

To overcome obstacles each player describes their actions and grabs an M&M from the bag. 
RED: Failure, you get hurt.
YELLOW: Failure, you get scared.
ORANGE: Success + weather gets worse.
GREEN: Success + animals are more dangerous.
BLUE: Success + grownups are more dangerous.
If your character is good at their action you may grab two and eat one. Next obstacle you cannot use this rule.
If there are more failures than successes the GM grabs 3 M&Ms and narrates how they fail. Otherwise they overcome the obstacle.
Place all grabbed M&Ms in a pile.

After an obstacle one player can set a scene where they tell the others what sucks in their character’s life, then eat two pile M&Ms. Take turns.

If the pile ever has more than 5 of a color, play a bad ending based on the color.
If the bag is emptied play a good ending.

Author Comments

Inspired by stuff like Stand by Me, Moonrise Kingdom and In our Time

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