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Bullets • 2017 rpg

Brian Poe • no link

A  GMless Game of Treachery and Crime for 4 

Every character has 3 hit points and a gun. Each character takes turns entering the warehouse. 

The first to arrive describes why the group gathers.  This description must include: 
Something valuable.
Something illegal.

After the first, each character names the previous character by greeting them and saying something about their reason for being there.  In addition to this each character also says:
The second to arrive:
Why everyone distrusts each other.

The third to arrive:
Something that has not gone according to plan.

The fourth to arrive:
What is coming to get everyone.

After the last player has arrived the first player introduces them by name. Play then proceeds openly.

When you fire at someone they choose:
Take 1 damage. Make a declaration about another character.
Take no damage. The shooter chooses someone to make a declaration about the target.

Declarations are known to be true to all characters. If only one character is left alive they leave with the goods.  If there are three misses in a row all players narrate the arrival stated by the fourth player and all players die together. 

Author Comments

This is a stripped down version of a game I wrote the day after I saw Hateful 8 which pretty much is a visualization of someones awesome story game. I wanted to make that game. The first cool thing that I liked was every character was introduced by someone else. The original game had a bit more meat and the playtest group I ran it though enjoyed it. It’s designed to be playable and let you play out the movies: Resevoir Dogs, Hateful 8 and Free Fire and probably some others.

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