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Our House will Survive. • 2017 rpg

Caleb Gutshall • @cgutshal on twitter

Split the group into and number of "Houses"

Houses have Knights, Family, Castles, and Armies in sets one and two evenly. So two Knights and Family, one Castle and Army. These may be in any combination.

The Houses are vying for power, events occur to see who gains.
Roll 2d6 for these, the result is the difficulty that must be beaten by the houses.

Force a house to help by removing one to difficulty.
Keep a house from helping by adding one to difficulty. 
Describe the event to remove one to the difficulty. 

Any house that doesn't beat this value gets one shame dice which is a d6.

House use their resources to roll d6 and must name it "My Knight Eric of the White Wolves will face this!" They can use any number in a event. 
If you add a narration of how the resource is defeating he event add an extra d6. 
Roll the dice beating the event number earns a d6 power dice to each participant!

After five events roll your power vs your shame the difference this is your final power. The house with the highest wins!

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