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Highlighter Maze Runners • 2017 rpg

Andrew J Lucas • no link

One player is the maze master and draws a dungeon on a sheet of paper.  Hex or grid paper is excellent for this.

Indicate start and finish.

Players take turns moving.

Moving requires a player to balance their highlighter tip down then while pushing down flick it forward.  If the pen mark hits a wall an encounter occurs.  All players whose last pen mark can draw a direct line to the interception can fight in this encounter.

Roll a D6.  This many opponents are encountered.

All players roll as many dice as they have to attack and are successful if they roll over the target.  Each success defeats an opponent.  1 die is removed from each player for surviving opponents.

Abilities cost 1 dice to use

Play proceeds until the players lose all their dice or their pen mark reaches the finish.

	Yellow highlighter. 
	6 dice.  Target roll 2+
	Ability: Sacrifice a die to reroll
	Blue highlighter
	6 dice. Target roll 3+
	Ability: Sacrifice a die to return 1 die to all teammates this turn
	Pink highlighter
	6 dice. Target roll 4+
	Ability: Sacrifice a die to fireball (remove from play) 1d6 enemies.

Author Comments

Used to play this game with classmates back in the 70’s. It would look great with a couple of diagrams.

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