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Dark and Cold • 2017 rpg

Kacper Woźniak •

Every land has a place that should be forgotten, today you'll reopen old wounds and set foot where none should. One of you will take a role of Narrator telling the story of this venture, the rest will play parts as characters within It.

All players roll d6, one with the lowest value is a Guide who draws the map with 6+d6 rooms, others roll d4 for their Purpose, player on the left describes a:

   1    | Person
   2    | Object
   3    | Beast
   4    | Place're there to find, you decide why. Player on the Guide's left describes how he knows the place.

Each player rolls d6 for each attribute:

        |                           | How many...
  Body  | strength, agility         | ...hits you can take
  Mind  | wisdom, intelligence      | ...die you can reroll
 Senses | hearing, sight, intuition | 

Describe who you are, pick three skills you have and two items you took with you.

To check an outcome of a risky situation roll d6, if you roll below closest related attribute you succeed. Otherwise you fail and suffer adequate consequences.

Subtract 2 from attribute for this test for each:
        | No skill for action
        | No tool for action
        | Action is very complex

 Damage | Weapon

   1    | None
   2    | Any
   3    | Monster

Author Comments

I can’t believe I made It in time.

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