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Rise - Hack - Fall • 2017 rpg

Nicholas Barry • no link

One player is The Corporation, the rest are Hackers.  Do not let The Corporation see your stats.
Hackers secretly choose a Hack stat (1-10) and a Username.
Divide 30 Resources between all Hackers.
All discussion happens together. The Corporation listens and remembers.

Every mission, The Corporation has valuable data (choose 1-5). The Hackers decide which Hackers to send.  Roll 1d10 per point of value the data has.  These rolled values are the types of ICE protecting this server.  The Corporation explains their functions and digital appearance.
To melt ICE, Hackers may temporarily modify their Hack stat by secretly spending 1 Resource per point of change,  stating this new value, and removing 1 ICE matching that number.  Describe the process and destruction.  
If all ICE is melted, the Hackers divide Resources worth the data's value x3.  If ICE remains and no Hacker will melt it, the mission fails;  The Hackers get nothing.

After a mission, The Corporation may trace one Hacker by guessing their unmodified Hack stat.  If they succeed, they back-trace the Hacker to their rig and 'retire' them.  Explain your methods.  If they fail, the Hacker gains 3 Resources from their newfound net-cred for evading The Corporation.

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