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Six Shot • 2017 rpg

Merrielle O. & Justin F. • @AwkwardIsotope


By, Merrielle Ondreicka and Justin Ford

First: Acquire a six sided die. This is the gun. Place extra dice, one fewer than the number of players, in an old mug. This is the pot. Sit in chairs around a dining table with dramatic lighting. Write the rules on a note card. Place that card in the center of the table.

Set the Scene: Remind everyone the game you’re about to play is DARK. Explain the rule of X and provide trigger warnings for suicide. Read the intro and play. If the audience breathes a sigh of relief at the end, you’ve done a good job.

“There is a dingy room. At its center is a table and, on that table, a six-shooter with several loose rounds. Describe your character as they enter.”

Roll your dice in secret, taking the lowest
Then: follow the prompt or chicken out*

1. Confess your darkest secret -“BANG”
2. Reveal something unforgivable -“click”
3. Relate your fears -“click”
4. Relate your regrets -“click”
5. Compliment someone you’ve wronged -“click”
6. “click” -Act out your relief

Finally: Pass the Gun OR describe your exit

*Pass and draw a die from the pot.

Author Comments

Six shot is a terrible game of chance we both came up with on a lark for a dark and stormy night of story telling.

Thanks to my friends in the RA community who enthusiastically play tested this awful game about dirty people with us.

Original version: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1486-J9eTK6-VvBv5C7cthK4_G13hDPUotSumBo8AVrQ

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