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Defy. Subvert. Outwit. • 2017 rpg

Lucas Wilga •

You have three ways to approach adversities: Defy, Subvert, or Outwit. Any approach can be used in any situation: crossing blades, scaling cliffs, talking to guards, throwing fireballs, or picking locks, as long as your narration matches the approach. Distribute the following numbers among your approaches: four, six, and eight. Roll a d10 under your approach to succeed. Roll a d10 and match your approach to critically succeed.

Failing to overcome an adversity often means that you get hurt. When you get hurt, the GM narrates your injury, whether there’s a knife in your gut or broken ribs in your chest. After four injuries, you’re out of the game. This could mean that you are unconscious, captured, or dead, according to the desires of the GM, or even your fellow players.

At the end of each session, one of your approaches increases by one. Each approach has a maximum value of ten, and you can only have up to six such increases.

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