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Playing Cards RPG • 2017 rpg

C.W. McGee •

You are the Dealer. You can forge worlds, people, and timelines using nothing but a deck of cards (no jokers).

Forge Champions
Start by taking all of the face cards out of the deck. (You’ll shuffle them back in after chargen.)
Deal three cards to each player and have them assign each to one of the three attributes: Physique, Expertise, and Personality.

Each character beings with 1/2Physique+3 health points (round up). If hp<1 that character is dying. Resting restores 1hp.
Each character has skills/items equal to their Expertise.
Each character knows NPCs equal to their Personality.

Forge Adversaries
People, places, and paraphernalia will impede the characters. They have a difficulty of Easy (+2), Medium (+5), Hard (+9), and Impossible (+14), and 0-8hp.

Forge Trials
When characters act they test one ability. Reveal a card off the top of the deck. Add Difficulty. Subtract Ability. Their character succeeds if the result is ≤5. If the character fails by 5+, he takes 1 damage.

Beware Anomalies
Anomalies are events paradoxical to the universe. You know these as face cards. When you reveal one an Anomaly occurs.
The nature of anomalies, and any other rules, is up to you.

Author Comments

Special thanks to the frequenters of Michael “Stargazer” Wolf’s Discord server for showing interest in and providing inspiration for this project.

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