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Close Encounters • 2017 rpg

Karolina Soltys • no link

					_/ Characters
\_ Riley
. High-profile attorney, orders Benzos from darknet.

\_ Morgan
. Unemployed, struggles with writing a novel about alien abductions.

\_ Channing
. Adolescent child of Riley and Morgan.
. Used to have imaginary friends from a different world.

Discuss the relationships between the characters and their recent bizarre dreams.

In each act, the focal character experiences an alien abduction, described by the other players; it is ambiguous whether it is real. It makes the character rethink their life.

All abduction scenes should share one particular physical Object, e.g. a pebble or a small device.

					_/ Channing’s Act
. School Psychologist discusses Channing’s falling grades. 
.. Family argument: Channing’s grades.
... Channing’s only friend, Tyler, brought some ecstasy.

		: Abduction.

					.: Morgan + Channing.
					..: Tyler suggests joyriding.
					...: School Psychologist + Riley + Channing.

					_/ Morgan’s Act
. Morgan + literary agent.
.. Family argument: Morgan’s writing.
... Ufology club. Morgan + guru.

		: Abduction.

					.: Morgan + Riley.
					..: Morgan + agent.
					...: Ufology club. Morgan + Channing + guru.

					_/ Riley’s Act
. Riley interviews their client who murdered his family believing them to be alien impostors.
.. Family argument: Benzos.
... Riley + super-lawyer, super-parent colleague.

		: Abduction.

					.: Riley finds drugs in Channing’s room.
					..: Riley, Morgan + super-colleague.
					...: Riley + prisoner.

		_/ Epilogue
	They find the Object. Is it proof enough?

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