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Border Crossing • 2017 rpg

Frankie Garza •

You stood in line waiting for hours on a bridge to cross into the United States. Your university is on the other side, and you have class today. Now you just need to go through the border patrol checkpoint. Roll a 1d6 and consult your results. 1-2: You are a Mexican born citizen with a student visa. 3-4: You were born in the United States, but your parents live in and are from Mexico; they hope you can have a better life. 5-6: You are an American born student who just went to Mexico for fun. Roll a 1d6, then add your first result. 10+: You have no problem; have a good day. 7-9: They ask a bunch of questions, making you late and annoyed. 6 or less: You spend the next several hours in a room where they ask you questions like: "Why are you crossing?", "What were you doing in Mexico?", "Why do you want to go into the United States?" You miss all your classes, and after a while they let you go. Once in America, discuss why you think the border patrol treated you a certain way, and how you feel about it.

Author Comments

Semi Biographical Microgame. Thanks to Taylor, Rowan, Robbi and the other shoes who helped and encouraged me

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