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The Dreamer • 2017 rpg

Draco Blackstone •

The goal of the game is to persuade the Dreamer out of their nightmare. If the Dreamer ceases to believe that you are part of the dream, you leave the dream. If they are Calm when you leave the dream, you succeed. If the Dreamer realizes they are in a dream or you run out of dice, they wake up and you remain, forever trapped inside.

You start with three six-sided Credibility Dice and the Dreamer in the Anxious state. The Dreamer has three emotional states: Frightened, Anxious, and Calm. Their state changes based on their immediate circumstances. If they are in danger, they are Frightened. If there is an impending--but not immediate--danger, they are Anxious. Once they feel safe, they become Calm. Attempting to convince the Dreamer of something extraordinary requires a dice roll. A roll of six or higher while they are Frightened or ten or higher while they are Anxious or Calm convinces them of your words. If they are Anxious and you roll under six, you unintentionally cause them to become Frightened. Rolling a four or lower at any time causes you to lose a credibility die, while rolling a twelve or higher gains you one.

Author Comments

This was made in equal parts by myself and my friend Enethor Hovawart. We hope you enjoy our game.

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