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To Sea In A Sieve! • 2017 rpg

James Baillie • twitter.com/JubalBarca

The players are the Jumblies, setting off to have adventures beyond the sea. In a sieve, naturally.

Each Jumbly has three skills: culineering (for creating food, machinery, or food-related machinery), seachanting (for singing, interpersonal & trading rolls), and unwibble (a jumbly with more unwibble is taller and braver). At game start they get 21 points to share between these as they wish. They must roll equal to or under their skill on 2d6 to pass a roll, taking into account any modifiers from the difficulty, equipment, etc.

Players may take 5 skills OR common household items of any sort the GM allows them and are of a tech level no later than ca 1800, excepting sporks, which are forbidden except to priests of the Jumbly deity Timballo. Priests of Timballo may *only* carry sporks as tools, but get a free starting block of stilton (effects unknown).

Note that Jumblies have no ability in combat at all but are able to set traps, talk, and run away quite effectively. Terrors might include giant silver-bees, the sea, or the Torrible Zone. Player goals may include purchasing certain items, exploring locations, finding new homelands, or simply eating as much cheese as possible.

Author Comments

This one dually dedicated to Edward Lear, and to the jumblies of Exilian (http://exilian.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=5116.0) for repeatedly putting up with my madcap sea-in-a-sieve style plans!

For anyone who has no idea what a jumbly is, I refer you to the following: http://www.nonsenselit.org/Lear/ns/jumblies.html

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