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Jury Duty • 2017 rpg

Matt Mortellaro • https://www.reddit.com/user/mm1491/

You are members of a jury. Vote to choose a Foreman - they will speak first and read the record. The Foreman starts by reminding everyone of the defendant's name and alleged crime.

Everyone then takes a turn reminding the other jurors of a fact from the trial. State your fact and roll 2d6.

On a 10+, your fact is part of the record. Write it down.

On a 7-9, write it down and choose one:

*The judge instructed jurors to ignore it – tell us why and cross it out.

*You forgot an important detail – the juror to your left adds the extra detail to the record.

*There was contradictory evidence offered by the other side – the juror to your right explains and writes it down.

On a 6-, write it down and then the jurors on your right and left each choose one of the above.

After every juror has had a turn, the first to speak reads the record and everyone votes - Guilty or Not Guilty. A unanimous vote is required for a decision. If a vote isn't decisive, begin a new round. After the third round, if there is no decision, the jury is hung.

Author Comments

The community over at https://www.reddit.com/r/RPGdesign/ have been a great help to me as a designer, both as a part of this contest and on other projects.

For this game in particular, I want to thank /u/lukehawksbee for giving some excellent feedback and suggestions that I think led to a few significant improvements over the original version I wrote.

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