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Too Many Love! • 2017 rpg

Ben Coler • no link

Each Player but one portrays a Suitor. The last portrays the Love Interest. All Players start with 3 Damage; each Damage has a name, chosen by the Player. The Love Interest always gets “Dense” and “Unremarkable,” but can choose the final one.

The Love Interest also serves as the Game Master, creating the scenarios that everyone role-plays. These scenarios should give every Suitor a fair chance to resolve a plot complication with a Challenge: roll a six-sided die.
1 = Botch; complication worsened or is created. 
2 or 3 = Failure.
4 or 5 = Resolved.
6 = Overboard; resolves complication but creates another.

If a Suitor’s Damage(s) could affect the Challenge, each adjusts the roll by 1, as judged by the Game Master.

If a Suitor resolves a complication that they created with a Botch or Overboard, they remove any Damage that affected it. Suitors may also assist, but an assistant only removes Damage that worsened the complication. However, the Love Interest only removes Damage if a Suitor assists.

When the Love Interest has no Damage, the game ends. The Suitor who removes the most total Damage wins.

Author Comments

Could be harem anime, could be Bronte, could be Harlequin Romance.

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