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Secret Hearts • 2017 rpg

Stuart Burns • no link

The fey are ancient, unwavering.

The GM plays the mortal supplicants. They describe who challenges the Fey court. The supplicant secretly selects a die size each scene, representing the magnitude of their quest, and rolls it.


2-4 Fey take a colour wheel each to show their secret heart. 
Each takes a D6, D8, and D12 and secretly assigns them a colour.


The Fey are capricious. Before the supplicant approaches, each Fey picks one colour/emotion.

Play out the scene. The supplicant arrives. The Fey must decide whether to grant their request while channelling their chosen emotion.

Once an outcome is decided, each Fey in turn is subject to a vote.

All participants vote the colour the Fey has represented. If a majority match the Fey’s chosen colour, that Fey may roll their dice against the supplicant. Otherwise their die is diminished, dropping to the next lowest size.

Rolling less than the mortal diminishes your die, and switches it to a complimentary colour.
Rolling greater than the mortal increases your die and switches it to the contrasting colour.

If increasing an emotion above D20, Fey are overwhelmed.
If dropping below D2, they fade.

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