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The Empire won the war, but the people lost • 2017 rpg

Natalie Ash •

The empire of Aradia just won a war, but its people lost. Refugee Foxen, Leos, Corvids, and Humans have flooded the capital city of Adrannar. Living in squalid conditions, some have turned to crime to survive. Some have left the city in search of adventure. Some are talking of revolution.

The Emperor Odar appears unconcerned about the conditions of his people. General Deadra believes the army should be used to quell the unrest. Chancellor Yepreffen argues in court for negotiation and social projects, but privately funds many of the revolutionary groups in hopes of elevating himself to Emperor.

Outside the city, a wartorn landscape is full of destroyed keeps, ancient ruins, and local warlords keeping just small enough to avoid the attention of the Empire. Fierce beasts, bloated on the meat of corpses, are in search of more prey. Life outside is quite dangerous.

To Play

Describe your character. Choose three positive and two negative traits. When undertaking an action, roll 1d6 vs GM 1d6 - higher wins. If a positive trait would aid, roll 2d6, take the higher. If a negative trait would hinder, roll 2d6, take the lower. Characters have ten health. Successful attacks remove 1 health.

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