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The Hero Heads Home • 2017 rpg

Umbra •

You’ve saved us… but at what cost?

One of you is a Hero, the last surviving member of their Fellowship. You’ve seen your friends lose their way on the path to victory, or suffer their ultimate demise. Your task is to return to safety, to home.

Everyone else, pick one from the list. No doubling up.
The friend, loyal to a fault. What made you falter?
The betrayer, loyal to another. Who?
The knight, the honorable. What drew you away?
The innocent, the unspoiled. What broke you?
The mentor, the guide. What killed you?

The game begins on the Precipice of Darkness, where the Hero has slain the ultimate evil. Starting from the top of the list, go around the table twice. 

In the first round, only that player and everyone above them on the list plays. The Hero frames the scene, detailing their return to its location and any key differences. Play out the scene until the character’s question is answered.

On the second round, everyone plays. The player introduces their character and frames the scene they first meet the Hero in. Everyone else describes how their characters act. The Hero can only try to remember.

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