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Many players, One Adventurer • 2017 rpg

Russell Himes • no link

2-5 players and a Game Master

Multiple players guide a single adventurer towards a secret goal.


Players agree on a setting.  Each player takes two index cards.  On one card write:

•	A trait, such as “Kind” or “Arrogant”
•	A talent, such as “Marksman” or “Singer”
•	A flaw, such as “Clumsy” or “Slow”

Reveal these cards.  Use these cards to design a single adventurer.  If flaws and talents are exact opposites, they cancel out.  However, players should try to use both if possible.  Agree on a name, an appearance, and a profession.
Then each player secretly writes down a goal for the adventurer on the second index card. This goal should be difficult and take several actions to accomplish.  


The Game Master describes a scene.  Players take turns describing one adventurer action.

•	If the action involves a talent, it automatically succeeds
•	If the action involves a flaw, it automatically fails
•	Otherwise, flip a coin.  Heads = success.  Tails = failure.

Play continues until one player accomplishes their secret goal.  That player wins.

Variant: All players agree on a single goal.  If the adventurer fails at a dangerous task, they die.

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