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Just Survive • 2017 rpg

Moustache Prime • no link

The group defines the setting; the players just need to survive it.

Players roll a pool of D6 to overcome Obstacles that arise.
All characters begin with a pool of 3 d6.  Starting Resources are determined by backstory (3 or fewer).

Difficulty of checks is determined by the nature of the Obstacle:
Normal: 1 Success
Tough: 2 Successes
Hard: 3 Successes

A ‘Success’ is a result of 4 or higher.

Failing a roll removes a d6 from your pool.
Restore lost d6 by successfully helping others.

Players can co-operate and share 1 d6 - or turn their backs to save themselves.
If a roll is failed with a co-operator, the co-operator may volunteer their d6 be lost instead.

At character creation, players name a trait their character has. If that trait applies to a roll, they gain +1 bonus d6

Players may retrospectively expend a Resource to gain 1 bonus d6 - but must describe the Resource and how it is lost.

GM may award 1 Resource at their discretion on successes

If a character's pool reaches zero, they are gone forever.
A character may choose to sacrifice themselves to save another and donate their entire pool to aid another's roll.

Author Comments

Just Survive was kept nebulous in story to fit any setting. The end of days could have been a nuclear war, or zombies. Or it’s a fantasy setting and the Dark Overlord has won. Or you’re homesteaders on a hostile alien planet and your only ticket off this forsaken rock just went up in flames! Or you’re a bunch of college student whose trip to the mountains just got real messed up.

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