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Ghosts & Flowers • 2017 rpg

Pak •

City burning and smoking ruins. Wandering ghosts.
You: alone. You’re running at night in the streets of the city looking for a flower. 
What flower, why and what for ?

Discard the faces from a 52 cards deck. Shuffle the 40 remaining cards.
Each turn, draw a card. 
Red is neutral or good, you keep the card. Black means a conflict. 
Use “Meaning of cards” for inspiration and tell what is happening.

When a conflict:
discard 2 cards and you win
draw a card. If the value is lower than the conflict’s card, you succeed. If not, things go wrong:  you must discard 2 cards.
Cards used during a conflict are discarded.

Winning: If you get 10 red cards before drawing the last card from the deck, you find the flower. If not, you epically fail!

Meaning of cards (when several words, choose one) 

1 Stray dogs / cats / wolves / crows
2 Somebody needs help
3 Undead / spirit of the forest
4 Gang of bikers / vagabonds / slaves
5 A demon with an animal look
6 Ghost hunters 
7 Flesh-eating insects / rats / bats
8 Ghosts searching for souls
9 Witches / cultists / priests 
10 An old enemy

Author Comments

Many thanks to Ivy. ♥ She’s a great support to me. :-) And thanks to Sonic Youth, for their title which inspired this game. :-)

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