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Hard Facts and Strong Possibilities (Summary) • 2017 rpg

Cuchulain Coker • www.cuchulaincoker.info

Each player establishes:
2 Setting Facts;  
3 Own Character Facts ;
1 Fact each: Setting History, and Own Character History;
1 Possibility each: Setting, Setting History, Story, Story History, and Another Player’s Character (who is without).

Group creates: 1 Strong Possibility about Setting History and Setting Future.


Each player receives 1 Transformation, 1 Possibility, and 3 Facts* Per Scene.
Used to create new or change existing elements. *Character affecting Facts only playable on own character, unless whole group agrees otherwise.

NPC's receive 4 Own-Character Facts

FACTS are Persistent (continue into new scenes), can:
change existing Fact into Hard Fact;
change Possibility into Fact;
1 Fact + 2 Hard Facts +1 Possibility change into 1 Transformation and Fact.

POSSIBILITIES last one scene, can:
Change relevant Facts interacted with into new Facts;
Change 1 Possibility into Strong Possibility;

STRONG POSSIBILITIES are Persistent, change Facts like Possibilities.

TRANSFORMATIONS are Instantaneous. Can:
Change all relevant Facts into resulting Facts;
Change Possibility, into resulting Possibility.

2 Transformations +1 Possibility changes 2 Hard Facts into 1 resulting Hard Fact.

SCENES (suggestion)~

1: Now
2+3: Flashback
4: Bridging 3to1
5: After 1
6: Flashforward
7. After 5 
8: Bridging 7to6
9: After 6

Author Comments


[This is a reworking, finishing and summarising of my previous entry “Factossimations”, which, upon rereading and much algebra was obviously unfinished and unplayable. I finished it the next day (today~) with much reworking and it was almost 900 words. So this is the best summation I am able to condense, or I could have put up the intro. I had a lot of Fun. I hope this is readable, playable and intelligible, and fun. PLEASE DELETE or at least RETRACT my previous entry, ;)]*

I am planning on expanding this rpg and polishing it for a fuller release based on the full game.


thanks for this opportunity Big Heart Emoji to All

Goal: Create a coherent story and an enjoyable game.

Players operate three game elements: FACTS (dramatically true statements); POSSIBILITIES (statements not dramatically confirmed to be true or false); and TRANSFORMATIONS (processes of change).

These create new aspects or change existing ones within one of three domains: CHARACTER (anything specifically about a character or groups of characters); STORY (narrative, plot-lines, dialogue cues, events, tone, etc.); and SETTING (time, place, conditions, scenery, etc.); and refer to either the PAST [also called History] (e.g. ‘Janet may have been a millionaire once’ [past character fact]), PRESENT (e.g. ‘this scene has lots of birds’ [present setting fact]), or FUTURE (e.g. ‘at end of this scene there will be a confession’ [future story fact]) This game is premised on story and ensemble logic, meaning the mechanics of the game are subordinate to both the narrative and group dynamic. Only apply mechanics of the game when it will aid the storytelling and enjoyment of the game, these mechanics are designed as prompts to storytelling and means of harmonising dramatic impulses, there may be times when the group storytelling is working better than these aids will achieve.

It is envisioned this game can be run both with and without a Game master/Narrator role. Players can share filling in all necessary story, setting detail, and non-player-characters/side-characters as necessary, or one or more players can take a role as host by rotation or solely.

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