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The Beasts Shall No Longer Walk This Earth • 2017 rpg

ghauxst •

You are Beast Hunters. Each of you write:
your family name
your talent
one thing you brought
one thing your mentor taught

These are your ELEMENTS.

You are hunting a Beast. Take turns describing:
	its name
	what it looks like
	the most dangerous thing about it
	why it must be hunted
	why it’s hard to hunt
	where it’s found

Note them. These are the Beast’s ELEMENTS.

When you journey to hunt the Beast, take turns describing.

If you do something tough, or against the Beast, roll 1d10.
Add 1 for each your ELEMENTS that apply,
Subtract 1 for each of the Beast’s ELEMENTS that works against you.

If you get a total of 7 or higher, success. Otherwise, failure.

Success: the Beast loses an ELEMENT. Choose which. When it has none left, it is slain.
Failure: choose one ELEMENT to lose (explain why). If you have none left, you die.

If you kill the Beast, everyone adds an ELEMENT of what they learned. Make a new Beast as before, but add one ELEMENT for each previous Beast slain.
If you are killed, the Beast gains an ELEMENT. (describe what)
If everyone is killed, a new group will fight the Beast.

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