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Pressure - The Disaster Movie Simulator • 2017 rpg

MJ D-M • https://twitter.com/calicojacque

Crew roll Imagination/Experience skill checks using 15d6 Shared Resource Pool
Crew allocate Resources to roll against complexity of challenge for any individual action:	
Labyrinthine = 5 successes	
Intricate = 4 successes	
Complicated = 3 successes
Involved = 2 successes	
Simple = 1 success
Threshold for success is 4 on any die.

Resource Loss
Dice that roll critical fails go into Unknown Resources
Fail Threshold:	
Act 1 = 1	
Act 2 = 2 or under	
Act 3 = 3 or under
Access Unknown Resources by roleplaying flashbacks. Dice limit = Act’s number.

Collective Pressure Check
Between Acts, each crew member rolls 1 die.
If fail:	
Character’s success cap raised to 5 (“Panicked”)

Game split into 3 Acts with 6 character actions (show action count):	
Act 1 – Hazard begins.	
Act 2 – Hazard defined.	
Act 3 – Hazard escalates. End with Climatic Scene. 	

Reduce success threshold for Imagination rolls
Reduce success threshold for Experience rolls
Leadership Move: Sacrifice life to grant auto-success
Leadership Move: Offer emotional support to a panicked crew-member to reduce threshold for success.
2 Luck. Spend Luck for auto-success

Author Comments

Thanks to my testers: Matt Bauer, Ben Campion, Andy Irving, James Lawrence and Mark Penman

Thanks to Andy Berdan for proof-reading

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