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Werewolf • 2017 rpg

James Horgan • no link

To create a character you must choose skills. Any skill you can justify can exist. Each skill is tied to either your wolf side or your human side, determine this when creating the skill. Choose four tier 1 skills, three tier 2, two tier 3, and one tier 4. You have 2 stats, wolf and man. Both start at level 4.
Checks are resolved by rolling a number of dice equal to the tier of the skill, then gauging how many are greater than or equal to the success rating which is the level of the skill’s corresponding stat. The number of successes is compared to a number determined by the gm.
Skills increase by both succeeding and failing at them a number of times equal to the next tier's value, new skills can be acquired this way.
Keep track of how many times you use skills tied to Wolf or Man. For every 5 difference the skill used more decreases by 1 and the other increases by 1. Upon either stat reaching 7 your character leaves the game, either losing their humanity or their werewolf abilities.
GM: challenge players to find balance between Wolf and Man.

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